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Resourcing a Finance Transformation project

Finance transformation continues to be a hot topic for CFO’s. The finance landscape is constantly evolving and the office of the CFO is constantly faced with new challenges – how to create greater visibility and insight, how to drive operational excellence, how to meet regulatory reporting demands and so on.

The office of the CFO must transform finance to meet these demands and will typically look at the three main pillars of finance operations – talent, systems and processes – to achieve this. How can they can be deployed or re-deployed in order to achieve required finance change. Then, finance executives must look at the existing team and identify the skills gaps. What are the training needs for the current team and where to bridge the finance systems and process skills gap?

So what is the right mix of skills required to complete a finance transformation? Firstly, you need people that know the current business processes (the AS IS) but have the knowledge and vision to see where it needs to go (TO BE), in other words, where processes can become more efficient.

Added to that you need Project Management skills to drive the initiative AND technology skills, whether it be development or configuration, to adapt finance systems to meet the required change. The more people that you have that combine ALL of these competencies and skills the more successful your finance transformation will be.

eu-solutions operates at the centre of this skills formula. We have a network of finance systems specialists that has the right combination of finance systems and finance process skills (hybrid skills). When looking for resources to augment your finance transformation project, contractors can be a good route to go. Freelance contractors can work alongside your internal finance team AND consulting partners but as they are independent can provide a neutral, balanced view to the CFO without any vested interest. If you have a longer term strategy for finance change then permanent finance systems specialists will grow and develop with your projects as they evolve.

eu-solutions has supported over 100 clients and finance transformation projects by providing the finance systems specialists – Insight Partners – that have the right combination of finance process and finance systems skills required. You will find a selection of some of our client engagegments by looking at our CASE STUDIES

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